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We will work with civil, architectural, and land planning firms early in the design phase in order to address existing utility conditions and to identify future project needs. We can assist clients with their due diligence studies and review proposed changes to a site as it relates to existing dry utilities. We will identify and address potential conflict with existing facilities and contact key utility personnel in order to develop a preliminary cost estimate which can be used for budgetary needs. Early integration of the dry utilities is important in order to avoid conflicts and project delays due to infrastructure upgrade which may be required as a result of new developments.

We can coordinate utility requirements by working with consultants, contractors, and the utility in managing tasks and schedules so that projects are kept on track and so that budgets have a greater likelihood of being met. We will  review customer plans and coordinate utility design submittals, coordinate communication company designs, review utility rulings, and cost interpretations to assure that the client’s payments are consistent with CPUC rules and utility practices. We will work with all interested parties from project start to final construction. 

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